About us

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TEYCARS is a company with more than 16 years of experience in the market and of 100% Spanish capital. Our main aim is to be a model in all the operations of sales, hiring, post-sales and technical service through the best processes, the efficiency of our quality systems among other processes. We are a team orientated towards the efficiency and prepared to be guarantor of quality in all of the preventive actions, maintenance, post-sales, always following the requirements established with our providors and customers with the standards of quality required in our sector.

Our vehicles:

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  • Safe,low consumption, and quiet.
  • Minimum maintenance and long lives.
  • Great autonomy(+100 km) and economic.

Furthermore, our vehicles can have preventive maintenace, location and paper work systems installed using the most avanced technology.

The motive for one TEYCARS objective is to support the process and control of our customers, authorised dealers of sales and hiring as well as businesses. Through technological solutions we offer the best solutions for your needs.

Our facilities

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Our central facilities in Rubi can be found in strategic point coinciding with the main methods of connection, land, sea and air.

We have more than 3500 m2 dedicated to the assembling, repairing and storing of our vehicles.

Our services of Maintenance and Safety:

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  • Real time control of each vehicle.
  • 100% information update of km driven, average daily use, routes…
  • Immediate localization in case of incidence of robbery or accidents.
  • Maximum efficiency in preventive maintenance, saving in corrections.

Our staff are available to you to aport the added necessary value to be able to give real solutions.

Mission and vision:

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TEYCARS, together with our partners, make and assemble 100% adappted electric vehicles. We develope and adapt the vehicles according to the requirements and needs of National and International businesses. Furthermore, being consultors of in innovationof IT systems applied to strategic sectors in a global area offering the highest quality, services of the sector by excellent professionals in a way that our customers get a real return of their inversion.


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The values that TEYCARS maintain are defined by the 100% participation of the members of the company; following, is a brief description of them:

  • Transparency: To communicate in a respectful, humble, honest way, generate empathy and trust in the relationships with groups of interest.
  • Flexibility: Know how to adapt to new scenarios that allow us to offer with guarantees the required demands.
  • Social, empresarial and environmental responsability: Asuming and responding to our compromises generates a multiplicated effect of our activities and produce good work for those around us. Autocontrol. Team work. Contributing to the sustainable guarantees future for new generations. To know the environment in which we move and participate in its improvement makes us caring and compromised to our customers and environment.