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Spanish brand with 15 years of experience.

We work in close colaboration with our partner in China (Eagle), one of the main companies in the sector, with a confirmed quality in all of its services.
The vehicles arrive to our centre in Rubi and there they are put together with the rest of the key components made in Europe.

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100% electric.

100% ELECTRIC VEHICLES which work only with high quality batteries, which are rechargable from any electric net point and with a consumption of electricity of less than 1 euro per 100 kms.

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Respectful for the environment.

Silent and safe for the environment, without CO2 emissions, minimum maintenance and long durability.

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We develope all types of projects in a personalized way.

We adapt our vehicles to any need of transport, for all types of people, people with limited mobility, groups of people, for loading, tools, catering, special services, etc…

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The best service for each customer.

All our structure is focused on giving the best service to each of our customers. Our philosophy is that each customer is different and we adapt our vehicles for each one. We serve to public entities, big private companies, security companies, campsites, hotels, individuals, hire companies, etc…

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Registrable, approved for circulation by the thoroughfare.

Some of our vehicles are approved with the EEC stamp and they can be registred to circulate by the THOROUGHFARE, with all the safety and reliability systems needed.

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Our featured vehicles

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Government assistance: MOVELE PLAN

The Plan of action of the electric vehicle has as objective the development of the electric vehicle and for that reason our registrable vehicles are subsidized by 2200€ each unit.

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Maintenance of vehicles

Teycars have a maintenance service whether for sales or hire.

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Fleet of vehicles

We have a fleet of existing or personalized vehicles for your company.

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Our clients

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