Maintenance in all TEYCARS vehicles

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Daily maintenance

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Check water level. Add distilled water if necessary.


Check that battery is not connected(power meter blinks).
Check that batteries are fully charged by 2 means: hydrometer or power meter.

Observe the state of the load, check if the connector of the charger gets hot.

Check that water does not enter and the engine temperature is correct.

Weekly maintenance

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Squeeze the screws of the wires that connect the batteries.
check the density of the liquid from the batteries. 1277+/-,007 g/cm3 clean the surface of the battery.

Clean the surface of the charger. Water must not drop into the inside of the charger.


Check for possible loss of brake fluid.
Check for possible oil leaks and the gear box and rear differential.

Monthly maintenance

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Check for loss of brake fluid from the hose and the tube (cars with hydraulic brakes).
Check that it is not an oil leak in the shock absorbers and that these do not emit any strange noises.

Quarterly maintenance

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Check that all the terminals are tighten. To do this, the key must be in the off position.
Clean the surface of the controler.
Check that the brake pedal works properly and returns to the automatic position.

Check the disks and the brake pads.
Check the functioning of the hand brake.
Add lubricant to the shaft from the wheels and the direction system.
Adjust the shaft in the front axle.
Clean the chassis and the seats.

Annual maintenance

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Check that the strength transmitter (solenoid) is in condition.

Check the state of the brushes in direct current vehicles.

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Nuestros vehículos destacados

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Ayudas del gobierno: Plan Movele

El Plan de Acción del Vehículo Elétrico tiene como objetivo el fomento del vehículo eléctrico y, por ello, nuestros vehículos matriculables están subvencionados con 2200€ por unidad.

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Mantenimiento de vehículos

Teycars dispone de un servicio de mantenimiento tanto para venta como para alquileres.

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Flotas de vehículos

Disponemos de flotas de vehículos para su empresa ya sean de vehículos existentes o pedidos personalizados.

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