Paper work and Teycars GPS navigation

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  1. Control and reduction of costs and inversion of capital.
  2. Maximum flexibility.
  3. Improvement of the processes and paper work times of the fleet.
  4. More productivity in the business process.
  5. TEYS@T Web Services
    The installed technology allows the availability of a global vision allowing knowledge of information of the fleet of vehicles.
  6. Components of the system
    1. Software. Platform Web Rent a Car Servicies
    2. Hardware. GPS/GPRS equipment of telemetry
    3. GPRS / SMS Communications
    4. Maintenance, updates of the application and registration in the Data Centre.
    5. Software: TEYSAT is our computer application designed to get in real time, information about the activity of our vehicles (position, routes, horometre…), and the different connected alarms ( defined areas of circulation, ticking over control).
      1. Control of preventive maintenance, sending of warnings by Email and SMS, avoiding corrections and the costs as sociated with them.
      2. Different profiles of user/customer.
      3. Conection with the Central de Alarmas Receptora de VINSA (Optional).
      4. Efficient control with safety of the hired fleet vehicles.
      5. Alerts (e-mail, SMS o Web)
      6. Charging Temperature control (Optional)
        CONTROL of ticking over time
        Movements out of defined timetable
        Exit or entrance from the demarkated area in the paper work section
        Vehicle tension control- Battery level control
        Route history with information about the starts and stops, GPS Speed, orientation and speed limits.
        Daily, weekly and monthly reports of activity, driving time, work, km, breaks,costs, exploration of Excel.
        They will be able to do all of these points of interest (touristic, gastronomic, institutionals, businesses, recreative areas, customer location etc…)
    6. Connection with the Central de Alarmas Receptora de VINSA, (Optional)
    7. GPRS / SMS Communication
      Communications are not included. TEYCARS have agreements with different operators so that the solution will be totally clear for your company.